Sunday, 21 June 2009

Mon June 15th

Monday June 15th. Blustery South Westerly with patches of dark cloud. Hot when the sun was out but with occasional heavy showers.

At the point of near explosion - concealed to all but those who know me best - I was at Brandon by 08:30 on Monday morning. The day before the opening day of the fishing season.

I'd been feeding a spot for some days in the hope of good Bream and had become paranoid about someone bagging it before I arrived.

I had all my overnight gear in the car but set up only my shelter on the peg. Once set up a calm descended over me as I knew I would be fishing there that night.

Only then did I take a look at the water for signs of fish. I had been in such a rush on previous nights when putting bait in that I had barely had time to sit quietly and observe. If I have learned one thing then it is that sitting quietly and observing (whilst not fishing) is worth it's weight in gold with English coarse fish.

I saw a couple of large carp porpoise and a few Tench roll. Enough to inch the lit fuse towards my dried powder.

Once I'd secured my spot I made tracks to Jubilee Pools. Knowing that despite seeing the fish, the night at Brandon could easily be biteless. I wanted to see the float go under during the day in preparation for this.

Fishing near to the weeds on the far side of the Horseshoe pool, my target was either one of the lesser-spotted Crucians, a good Roach or a large Bream. I started with maggots on the hook to cover all bases.

I caught Roach, Rudd and Perch on maggot but nothing of any note. Remembering the Crucian I caught at Stockton just days before I began to feed and fish with small pellet.

Although the bites from the small fish slowed I soon had a sail-away that connected me to a fish which I thought was a small Carp. I saw the fish before it shed the hook and it was a decent Tench.

Persevering with pellet under a float I went on to land three Tench from the margins, largest 4lb 14oz.

A thunder storm was rumbling around and dark clouds gathered ominously by early afternoon. Cutting loose from Jubilee was hard but I did so at about 15:00 and made my way back to Brandon.

Upon arrival I carted the rest of my gear to the peg, set the rods up, put some bait in and then just sat back.

The heavens opened and the world got wet. I was under my shelter with a beer in my hand by this time and so was happy to watch the electrical show the sky put on.

The rain cleared by about 17:00 and the lake steamed.

All I had to do now was sit it out until midnight.........

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