Friday, 5 June 2009

Nothing Special

2.6.09 Hopsford Hall after work. Weather still sunny and warm. Light NE breeze.

I returned once again to Hopsford Hall with the aim of connecting with a big Perch. I fished on the dam end by the overhanging willows, hoping the Perch might Like the shelter of the trees and live there.

I fished two rods; the first a ledger outfit on a centrepin, dedicated to Perch. The second a float rod with red maggots as the bait.
The Carp were up in the water and dark shapes and swirls could be seen into the evening as they moved around soaking up the sun. Once again I was not motivated to fish for them, being blinded by a thirst for points in the form of a Perch. Although I need a good carp I've a parking bay reserved for one in my mind and the barrier will open on June 16th.

Apart from this year I don't think I've ever been to Hopsford and totally ignored the Carp. My pb fish once came from here in the form of a 25lb 5oz fish - caught on 5lb line straight through from a windward scum line on dangled crust. In other years I've taken fishing for them close in to ridiculous lengths, sitting 14ft back from the edge with my line on the grass and a pole float with double maggot and strong hook fished right in the edge with good results.

I started shallow on the float and fed lightly and steadily. I caught Roach and Perch, but nothing special. The bites were often tentative so i moved from a 2BB waggler to a 4x10 pole float. Both could be swung out easily under arm to the marginal slope where I fed and to where the ledger rod was sitting.

The pole float enabled me to convert a much higher proportion of bites, with the float being pulled under more readily rather than just dipping.

In search of something different to 10oz Roach and 6oz Perch I dropped the hook bait to the bottom.

The proportion of Perch increased so I kept my hook bait on the deck for an hour or so. I hooked and lost a carp whilst there.

I continued to catch throughout the evening but could not connect with a better target fish. The ledger rod for Perch was silent.

So an evening with cracking weather with plenty of fish but unfortunately and once again - nothing special.

I don't know about you but my mind is starting to recall the smell of a summer river and these thoughts are increasingly pervading even my stillwater efforts. The rivers (and some stillwaters) open again here on June 16th and the crazed look in river anglers eyes is becoming outwardly visible now.


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