Saturday, 13 June 2009

Saturday Afternoon With the Family

13/6/09 15:00 - 17:00, Stockton Reservoir. SW breeze with broken sunshine. Very Warm.

Out with the family on a Saturday afternoon. My daughter had asked to go fishing and so we had a couple of hours on the British Waterways reservoir at Stockton.

I nipped off from the pub early to set up whilst they finished their food and hooked and lost a decent Mirror Carp on the first cast.

When they arrived we fished under the rod tip right in the margins with the wind blowing towards us. A few handfuls of pellets were regularly put out and a lassoed pellet under a pole float was the tackle.

The float swayed regularly with fish in the swim and the odd bow wave of a Carp shot out from the bank, spooked by the heavy footfalls and general chatter of a family of four on a wooden platform. I caught a decent Roach whilst they were looking at nearby ponies.

When the float did go under again it was a surprise Crucian Carp that took the bait.

After that my girl Abbey had a go on the rod and lost a decent carp when it got into the reeds. Persevering she hooked another soon after and did a good job of playing and landing it.

Not wanting to miss out Max then had a go on the rod (with help) and caught a small Mirror Carp.
A beautiful day to be by the water. I'm pleased both of them seemed to take an interest in the fishing too. With the middle name of Izaak surely my boy's bound for greatness!?

He'll probably end up a bloody golfer.


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