Saturday, 8 January 2011

A Grueller on Various Sections of The Avon.

Tuesday 4th January, 09:30 - 18:30. LAA Top meadow at Wasperton, Lower Wasperton and Stratford town with Jeff. Strong cold wind ~5C.

After bites and fish the previous evening at Saxon Mill I expected a fruitful morning dace fishing on float and maggot on the top meadow at Wasperton. During the warmer months there are plenty of dace in the stretch and I broke out my centrepin and fourteen foot rod to enjoy the experience.

I was wrong about finding sport in the pacy water and I toiled for an hour on the stick float without a touch. I enjoyed sending the float down midstream and steering it along the crease to the bankside vegetation. I fed maggots sparingly.

I caught up with Jeff at the end of the run of willows which the barbel favour in summer and watched him try for a chub under a nearside tree. I had a brief go with a maggot feeder in a glide by the dried reeds on the far bank but the current was so strong it dislodged the maggot feeder continuously.

We moved down to the lower Leamington section of Waspo around midday but despite the slower water couldn't buy a bit down here either. In addition to not catching a life force sapping wind had sprang up in our faces turning Jeff an ashen white.

Sitting it out and waiting for the big bream and chub to turn on down here was falling out of favour with us both.

We cut and run and headed for respite in the warmth of the car and the last few hours at Stratford. Here I fished two feeder rods to the middle of the river for no reward. What a grueller!?

Jeff conjured two roach out of nothing and registered the far bank mark for future reference.

I sloped off with blocks of ice for feet, blank.

Here are the scores at the end of the opening week of our bloggers % of record weight competition:


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