Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Stockton Roach.

Saturday 15th January, 13:00 - 17:00. Stockton reservoir. 11C - 9C. Strong SW.

Needing a break from my unsuccessful predator exploits I planned a trip to Hopsford Hall with light feeder tactics after whatever swam. After placing a call to the fishery and them confirming it was closed until 14th February I thought I'd take a trip to Jubilee pools. Once I'd remembered that too was closed until 12th March I headed to Stockton (Blue Lias).

The wind was strong again but I set up in the lee of an island near the car park and fished towards using liquidized bread and maggots in a feeder and red maggot on the hook.

Football on Radio 5 live and fishing go hand in hand on a Saturday afternoon. 
Second cast in I started getting indications.

A wrap-around bite on the lightweight quiver resulted in an 8oz roach.

8oz roach.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon catching a dozen and a half roach up to 13oz. In fact I had two fish at exactly that weight.

1st 13oz roach.

2nd 13oz roach.
It was lovely to see the tip going round again. My hooklength wasn't geared up for carp and so I was glad to stick with the silvers, in fact I only caught roach all afternoon.


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