Thursday, 20 January 2011

An Incremental Chub.

Monday 17th January, 15:30 - 17:30. The Plough AS. 9C - 6C.

With my work now as uncertain as everything else in my world I left early on the back of a, "Sod it", moment.

I called in at home, was changed and had my fishing gear in the car within ten minutes of arriving.

I took the remainder of Sundays groundbait and small meat cubes to the closest peg to the layby parking and was soon fishing.

I took a single rod and cast just off the main flow to a slacker glide on other side. I could see where the river had subsided in recent days.

At 4:20 I had my first bite and first fish, an incrementally larger chub than this years current biggest at 4lb 4oz. The fish fought well, taking line from the reel more than once, and when I saw it's head thought it could go five.

On the bank I could see it had the head of a five pounder and the tail of a three pounder, so four pounds plus seemed a good compromise weight.

Big up top.
On the next cast I had a three pounder and so soon retired home pleased with my efforts.


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