Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saxon Mill Dace and Chub.

Monday 3rd January, 13:00 - 18:00. Warks Avon at Saxon Mill with Jeff. 6C and dry.

The Saxons (Latin: Saxones, Old English: Seaxe, Old Saxon: Sahson) were a confederation of Old Germanic tribes. Their modern-day descendants are generally considered ethnic Germans, Dutch, or English. They are primarily found in Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Saxony-Anhalt, Westphalia, Drenthe, Overijssel, and England. The modern German state of Saxony is not inhabited by Saxon descendants, and was so-named because it came to be ruled by the medieval Saxon dynasty.

Whilst on a last minute two week package deal in Warwick in the twelfth century the Saxons built a splendid mill which was luckily situated right next to the river. Both mill and river are still looking good today in the twenty first century. I wonder if some of our modern creations will stand such a test of time?

Photo courtesy of Snowmanradio
Whilst still setting up my fine quiver tip dace rod we met fellow 2011 challenger Bazal Peck. Despite our best efforts Jeff and I had failed to any procure maggots for today, both of us had only bread for bait. Whilst we chatted, Bazal generously gave us half a pint of reds each. Top man.

I had a deadbait out on one rod for Pike and a cage feeder stuffed with bread mash and hemp on the the second. We'd settled upstream of the weir within hailing distance of each other.

I was surprised by the walking pace of the water up here. Faster than expected.

Jeff had indications on his tip before me but when mine started I hooked up with two dace in succession. The first was four ounces and the second six. I was using maggots on the hook below the feeder.

6oz Dace.
After these first two fish sport slowed somewhat and it took until the light started to fade to get back amongst the bites. Before dusk I had perhaps half a dozen more smaller dace and then as soon as I needed my headtorch to see my tip the chub moved in. The average size of these was about the pound mark but I had one bigger bonus fish of three pound plus. 

Nothing troubled  my deadbait on the pike rod.


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