Friday, 21 January 2011

Make Tracks.

Thursday 20th January, LAA Wasperton. 15:30 - 18:30. 6C > 1C > -1C > 3C.

It was bright and sunny when I left work. Driving West away from Birmingham and then South down the M40 it was 6C outside and I had to use the sun visor to keep the bright rays out of my eyes. Despite a cold start this morning the day had warmed. I was looking forward to facing into the dying sun on the river bank and perhaps even feeling it's lingering warmth on my face.

As the motorway started to descend into the glorious Warwickshire Avon valley I could see a solid blue haze clinging to the horizon in the distance. At the motorway exit I drove into a wall of fog and the temperature quickly dropped to 1C.

Wasperton village and the river was a totally different scene from the rest of the county. The mornings frost still clung icy white to the grass in the meadow and the visibility in the fog which cloaked the entire river was 50yds at best.



It's behind me!
 I fished a pair of rods and feeders with meat on the hook into the still powerful winter flow.

Apart from a couple of sharp pulls which I suspect were from small chub I had no sport. The fog soon became freezing and ice built up on my rods, gear and clothes. Once my feet started to hurt with cold I called it a day.

It was -1C when I departed but as I rose out of the Avon valley the dense fog cleared and temperature rose. Back home in Coventry it was 3C.

A large winter moon - which has been setting so beautifully on my commute into work recently - greeted me home.

I have a piece of software on my phone which enables me to record the tracks I make whilst fishing. I intend to turn it on whenever I remember this year and overlay the tracks onto a single map with the intention of building up a nice spider diagram of my whereabouts on fishing sorties.

Here's how it looks tonight:

I've already forgotten to turn it on a few times.


  1. Hi Keith. Here in Northern California, down in the valley, we have this stuff called Tule Fog. It get so thick that when you walk through it, it parts for you. Never gets cold enough down there for it to freeze, but damp for sure. Makes a light mist on your windshield.


  2. Mark, it's actually been my lifelong ambition to experience Tule Fog.

    How about I come over and stay round yours for a few months and wait for it to appear!? The weather has got to be better than here.

    In Northeast Scotland they say '(optional 'aye') there's a haar on the watter'.