Tuesday, 4 January 2011

One, Two, Three, Four, Go!

Sunday 2nd January, 13:00 - 17:00. The Plough AS. Cold but dry.

One. I was the only car in the car park at Coombe Abbey fishery when I arrived. 'Lake to myself',  I thought. I unloaded my roving pike gear and soon discovered the whole of Coombe still had an icy lid on it. Plan B.

Two. I made swift preparations at home and made my way to the Plough stretch of the Avon. I chose the bathing pool peg as there was enough room for a pair of rods. I fished both rods on cage feeders with liquidised bread and ground grilled hemp with hair-rigged bread on the hook. The hair for the bread allows me to squeeze it on hard enough so I'm confident it stays on without fear of blinding the hook.

Three. I sat for three hours without so much as a tap. I kept the small feeders and bait going in regularly.

See how I wait.
Four. At four o'clock on the dot I had my first bite and connected with a chub which weighed exactly fours pounds.

I then sought to teach Hatt a few things when it came to self-take photography.

B'stard makes it look so easy....
I had a few more bites between four and five but couldn't connect with them. The problem was I fishing just off the crease in the slacker water and that made the bites very delicate rather than being strong hittable tugs.

Off the blocks in our bloggers competition with a chub but I'm hoping to better the weight significantly before the season ends.



  1. Good work Keith. Self take's are a bitch - least you can see some of the fish.

  2. Always good to have a plan B. The Chub looks a lot like the Shad we catch in the American River here in Northern California. Shad have a little different mouth design.


  3. get a cannon g6 (reasonable on ebay) and self photography is no problem as you can turn the viewing screen to face yourself.Perfect everytime.