Sunday, 12 July 2009

Glutton for Punishment

Tuesday 7th July - Brandon after work. Main Pool after Carp and Bream, Cooler weather (15C) with rain at times.

Not much to say about this trip other than it followed the frustrating recent trend. I fished one rod for carp and a float rod on a single grain of corn over particles for anything that swam - I haven't caught a single fish from this lake in five attempts now!

I had a two bleep liner on the Carp rod and not a touch on the float.

This place is slowly driving me mad.

The other week when I was here I saw Bream bubbling in this swim, tonight there was nothing. I saw one Tench roll and perhaps three Bream and that was it. Nada. Zip.

Next week - for I will return - I'm not going to even think about where to fish until I arrive on the day and I'm going to apply all the fishy rules I've learned to what I see in front of me. Recently I've been working my way around known swims where I've heard of fish being taken in the past rather than working things up from first principles.

I've decided to devote July to Brandon and if I haven't caught any of my targets by then I will need to move on. I've still a lot more species to try and get to seal this challenge. Thankfully Pete's hit a lean spell too so this at least is buying me time to bang my head against Brandon.


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