Saturday, 4 July 2009

Lovely Lavender

2nd June, Lavender Hall 13:00 - 15:00. Red hot, light SW.

After packing up this morning from yesterdays night session at Brandon I returned home a bit knackered and grumpy.

I unloaded my gear and put everything back in it's place. I picked out and re-loaded the car with a simple stalking outfit. I showered, went back outside and promptly started perspiring again - Air con!

I had an airport run to do for the family to Birmingham International. Once complete I intended to use the next few hours trying to get a twenty pounder from Lavender Hall in Berkswell before returning home in time for family responsibilities after school.

Station Pool at Lavender was pretty quiet and I could see Carp on the top before I had even switched the engine off. How different this commercial fishery is to Brandon.

I set up my centrepin with 8lb line straight through on a 13ft specimen float rod. Terminal tackle was a size 6 Drennan Star point tied on with a six turn grinner and that was that. Bait for the session was a loaf of bread.

Taking position behind some bankside undergrowth I could see the Carp were wary. Those that had seen me arrive in position either sunk away or spooked off at high speed. If you've never seen a six foot three bloke hiding behind a tuft of Iris or Marram grass then I think it is a sight to behold. If it weren't for the grunts and groans I give off when trying to get up or when one of my legs goes to sleep you wouldn't know I was there!

I moved along the bank a bit and approached the next group of fish with all the stealth I could muster. It worked and the fish remained in place in the scum line on the windward bank. That is half the battle won. I hooked a piece of crust and lowered it onto the water, out of sight of the fish. I then very slowly drew it back to within three inches of where a Carp was sunbathing. After a few seconds the fishes gill covers started moving and it sniffed the surface film. With the slightest of effort it moved the few inches towards the crust and supped it down with confidence. I lifted the rod tip and all hell broke loose as it often does when you hook a carp at very close range. After an enjoyable scrap on the centrepin the fish was landed and weighed - 15lbs 6oz mirror.

I did a reccy lap of the pool, tried some bread on the bottom which was hammered by small fish and then returned to the windward scummy section. I had a scraper double common followed in quick succession by a mirror of 18lbs 4oz. I hid behind some Thistles for this one.

I went on to take three more fish, a nice common weighing 13lb+ and two more chunky mirrors.

I was glad to leave at three as I don't think I could have taken any more sun!


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