Saturday, 25 July 2009

Roach Forum

Fellow anglers,

If you enjoy Roach fishing, as I know I do - until I've bagged one over 1.5lb!! - then please support this new forum for Roach anglers set up by our brother of the angle Jeff Hat.



p.s I'm off to attempt a long range Tench from Ryton first thing tomorrow so I'll let you know how it goes.....

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  1. Thanks Keith. We all need a good roach and sharing info can only be a good thing. A hard fish to find in the big fish bracket, and even harder to catch when you actually do.

    When I do catch that three pounder from the canal, the one I assure you that I have seen with my very own eyes, then I expect some very serious roach angling will ensue.

    But till I do, then I can't blame anyone from staying away...

    But don't stay away from the forum!

    And use it as you will. It's not all about roach - I'm posting a story about a PB barbel in a mo.

    I was after roach when it turned up , of course...