Sunday, 26 July 2009

Ryton Pool Before a Work Party

26th July, Ryton Pool, 06:00 - 09:00. Blustery SE moving to SW, overcast but dry.

Let me deal with the fishing first because I need to blurt it out then move quickly on. After seeing some pretty awesome Carp feeding in the duck area whilst out with the family on Saturday (yesterday) I fished peg one and chucked two method feeders across to roughly the area where I saw them. I was dogged by thick weed and apart from one dropped pick-up didn't have a sniff. I couldn't cast the bait to where I wanted it because of the brambles and trees hard behind me.

My pain was intensified by committee friend Mark Brophy fishing almost exactly the same method from the point, across towards the island, and catching his now regular eight or nine good Tench.

As you might imagine none of the committee guys on the subsequent work party pulled my leg about my fishless situation (NOT!).

In the mood for over-compensation the chainsaw was put to good use and a few pegs on the road bank at Ryton are now easily more fishable than before! Ironically the cutting behind the peg I was fishing this morning meant the chuck to the area I intended was now child's play.

I hope the 'before and after' pictures below tell their own story.

As you might expect the duck feeding area can now be cast to from almost every peg on the lake.



  1. Hi Keith, I was watching the carp at the duck feeding area the other day too....some of them are huge!

  2. They're cracking looking fish eh? Thick set power houses.