Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Well at Least I caught Something!

14th July - Brandon after work. Stiff SW with occasional heavy shower passing over. Warm.

Upon arrival I could see the wind blowing firmly into one corner of the lake, into the swim I fished on the opening night of the season.

With last weeks complete lack of fishy activity whilst fishing on the back of a wind still fresh in my mind I made straight for the windward corner. Actually progress was slow as I'd injured my heel playing football but I limped as fast as my good leg would carry me, spirits high.

Anyone guess how I fished? Altogether now - one rod for Carp and one rod for anything that swam. I opted for a method feeder and small hook bait on the Carp rod in an insane attempt to cover the Bream / Carp species barrier if it turned out to be fish a chuck. Single grain of corn over particles on a stepped-up float outfit on the other rod in the hope of a Tench but with enough ooomph to handle a carp should the incredible happen.

Both the incredible and the insane were safe in their beds as I sat for the first three hours without a touch. Shortly after I had a strange bite on the method rod - the lightweight bobbin jumping up to the rod and dancing around but no line being taken. Overcome at getting even a touch I struck...... into thin air.

I recast and dusk drew in.

At nine o'clock I had another funny bite on the method rod. The bobbin jumped up and danced about lightly. This time I left it. After a few seconds of this, whatever it was obviously gave up trying to shed the hook and bolted. I lifted the rod and felt resistance - that made a pleasant change!

The fish tussled pretty well and stayed low in the water and it wasn't until it was close in that I saw it was an Eel. Thankfully it went into the net and didn't cause too much bother when on the bank. It weighed 2lbs 20z, not the biggest fish in the lake but I needed on for the challenge and I was simply glad to have caught.

Apart from the knocks I've described there was nothing else to see all night.

The scores on the doors are now:


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