Friday, 31 July 2009

Overnight Brandon Blanking Bonanza

Thursday 30th July, Brandon after work for an overnight. Thankfully dry.

With my family holiday abroad looming, my piscatorial pursuits have reached fever pitch this week with the ever-present objective of beating my buddy in this fishing competition. To this end I returned to Brandon to do a night after a Carp. I was in work the next day so this was a proper hardcore carper's session, arriving on the bank at six and 'pulling off' (ooh missus) at eight the following morning. Don't worry I showered at work.


To cut a long story short I blanked.

I saw four Tench roll which is more than I've seen in the last eight trips but none were over my baited spots.

I fished small hookbaits and rigs until dark arrived then stepped up to Carp rigs for the night. Nada on either.

Apart from four single bleeps there was nothing to disturb a pretty good night's sleep. I dreamt of catching massive Bream - a sure sign I'm losing it.

I'm rapidly losing interest in Brandon and have decided to devote what's left of August when I get back from holiday to things entirely more rewarding; look out for my Bonsai tree gardening blog.


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