Saturday, 19 September 2009

Another Family Fishing Trip

Sunday 12th Sept, 17:30 - 19:30, Brookfield Fishery with the Kids. Cool and blustery.

I managed to get my face into the local paper this year after catching that big Barbel at the end of last season. Young children are easily impressed and over time I have managed to convince both of mine that they too could be in the paper if they caught an impressive fish. Everyone loves a big Perch and both children treat them with respect when they catch one, simply because of the potential for a spiking.

With big Perch in mind the three of us nipped to a local commercial after a Perch.

We had limited time so I just took one whip and some red maggots thinking they could 'share' the rod. This proved a bit optimistic once we started catching.

We caught Roach, Perch, Skimmers and hybrids. No monsters in the end but the Roach were by far the biggest fish of the evening going to 12ozs.

We stayed until dusk and I got in trouble for keeping them out too late on a Sunday night before school without their tea. Great Fun!


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