Saturday, 12 September 2009

Brookfield After A Perch

Thurs 10th Sept, Brookfield fishery, 16:30 - 19:30. Warm sun in the day but turning chilly once it was on it's way down. Summer nights are on the wane.

I'd fished this almost overgrown top pool earlier in the year in the hope of a Perch and caught lots of small Rudd, Roach and Perch. After some reading up I've been doing on big Perch I returned even more convinced this almost unfished pool would hold a biggie.

The sun was bright and the water on this pool is clear and I could see a truck load of Rudd under the surface as I set up. Polaroids on, my first handful of reds saw the water boil and golden sides flash.

I set up with a 14ft rod and pole float on 2.3lb line straight through. I caught from the off. Rudd, Roach, skimmers and small Perch. All in absolute mint condition, a real pleasure to catch.

I kept the maggots trickling in and soon saw a better fish cruising round picking off the grubs as they fell. I thought it was a monster Roach at first and that got my ticker racing, but after it showed a few more times I could see it's white Chubbery lips. Joining the Chub now numbering three up in the water, were some better Perch. I caught a few of these at about 8oz.

About one in five flicks out made it past the Rudd in the surface layers to hang suspended under the float. When it did so it was usually a better fish that bit.

I was soon connected with something which took line, I couldn't stop it and it made it to the lillies and broke me. This happened again soon after which prompted me to change reels (never an enjoyable task when mid-session) as this pattern of events was not fair on either fish or my hook collection.

Now on 5lb through to 4lb hook length I next hooked and landed a brown goldfish from near the bottom.

Keeping the bait near the deck I went on to catch a fair few more of these. The biggest was approaching two pounds and although they looked pretty Crucian-like I have scruples so didn't claim (:)). Running my thumb nail gently down the spine of the dorsal fin revealed deep serrations characteristic of a goldfish.

The Roach and Perch I was catching started to get bigger and then I hooked one of the Chub which put up a great scrap in the tight swim.

I haven't checked back properly but I think this is only the second Chub I have caught this season - and on a blog entitled Warwickshire Avon too - this fishing competition has certainly turned my fishing year on it's head. Warwickshire Avon is proving a misnomer of a title.

A Chub;

Do you think this boy had been enjoying the maggots before I caught him?

I caught two more Chub in addition to the first.

I fished on until dusk but didn't catch my big Perch but found I wasn't bothered really. I was quite carried away with the variety and quality of the fishing and slipped comfortably into this pleasure session.

Nil points, but I'll be back


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