Sunday, 6 September 2009

Attempting a Snitterfield Perch

Tuesday 1st September, Snitterfield Reservoir after work with Danny Everitt. Really gusty winds with heavy rain for a while. Cooler, 16C.

Having spoken to Danny at Ryton the other week we arranged a trip to Snitterfield to try for a Perch. We both reckoned there's potential for a big one in there given the large number of small fish and no other predators.

Before starting Perch fishing in earnest at dusk - a species I had never previously targeted - I had a go on the pole for Crucians.

I fished a halibut pellet on a band under a pole float. It didn't take long to get a bite but I lost the first fish (which felt like a Crucian) when the hook just pinged off. This was on 1,7lb bottom so I upped my hooklink to 2.3lb.

The second fish was a Carp which tore off in an unstoppable fashion. Once again, ping, I could do nothing about this one. I upped the hooklength to 3.2lb.

The third fish I lost was either a skinny Pike or an Eel. It pelted off to the right but I turned it and brought it round in front of me. Here it hung in the upper layer of water giving me a glimpse of it's ultra thin back. After hanging for a millisecond it darted off at incredible speed into the weed bed on my right. Ping. I upped the hooklength to 4lb.

I landed a Roach about 10ozs next which was a welcome relief.

The fourth and final fish lost was another Carp. Once again it surged off with unstoppable force for a pole towards the weeds and pinged the hook. If I fish this method again it will be rod and line. Although there's a lot of stretch in my elastic larger fish simply make it to the weed beds because of this stretch. Once there it's a simple job for them to shed the hook. Not enjoyable to lose 4/5 fish.

With dusk closing in I changed and fished a coupled of worms underneath a stick float under my float rod tip. The float was rarely still with small Perch hitting the bait and puling the float under.

We fished into last light then called it a day, neither latching into anything significant by way of Perch.


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