Tuesday, 8 September 2009

King of the One Liners.

8th September, 17:00 - 22:00 Brandon Marsh. Warm with stiff SW to start, switching to W and drizzle at the end. 22C.

Back to Brandon then eh? After big Bream / Tench and Carp are you? Well strap yourselves in for this almighty and frenetic installment in which the sum total of ten rod hours is;

One line bite on the quiver tip.

I fished two rods. One for Carp, one for Bream or Tench.

The Carp rod I set up and carefully cast out first and then pretended it wasn't there all evening - a light running rig with loose line to the rod tip. I scattered just two pints of particles and a few tigers around the hookbait not wanting to overdo it. Forgetting it was there was easy as it was just out of my field of vision and didn't make a sound all night.

This rod does not exist;
The second rod was a simple running cage feeder with a hedonistic blend of fishmeal groundbait, brown crumb, particles, maggots and small pellet stuffing, all soaked overnight in various liquid additives. On the strong fourteen hook were three red maggots. In addition to a twenty minute casting cycle I catapulted out approx ten balls of groundbait at the outset. Right on the money and producing a lovely smooth slick amongst the chop of the wind.

Please email me if you see it move, I'll be down the pub;

At 19:10 I had a line bite on the quiver tip. The tip was pulled sharply round to nine o'clock and then sprung back. Inspection of the hookbait revealed the maggots were all intact, not chobbled or skinned. The line bite caused me to sit poised like a coiled spring over the rod for the next thirty minutes in case something else happened. It didn't and I eventually reclined.

The Silver Birch is the casting target;

I used my time wisely, carrying out grounbait ball breakdown timings in the clear marginal water to inform my casting cycle. By eight thirty when I had still not had a proper bite I eased up on the casting as there seemed little point adding more bait to an area where fish weren't eating it.

Please don't misunderstand my cynicism. I am reliably informed there are fish in Brandon and of a great stamp, it just appears I can't catch them.

Two Betalights on the quiver tip help to see bites in the dark, or not as the case may be;


  1. Have you ever tried meat here Keith? When I used to carp fish it always seemed to produce a fish or two for me when particles and boilies were proving hard work. I used to put a lump out without any free samples around and let it charm a patrolling fish.

  2. Hi Keith, Sounds like Brandon must be a rock hard venue. My Dad is a member but never bothers to fish up there, I fished a few matches there years ago with varying degrees of success. The big lake used to have some very big bream in it, is that still the case?

  3. Both, yes it's the big Bream I've been after in the main lake but they're proving hard to get into. Meat's a good idea, I could try small cubes under stepped up float tackle I reckon.