Saturday, 26 September 2009

Cross-Fertilisation for Perch

22nd September, 16:00 - 20:30. Brookfield with Jeff Hatt. Blowy but warm enough to fish in a shirt.

You might have already gathered that I met Jeff through keeping this blog. This is a good thing as Jeff's an artist and I'm a scientist. He has a different perspective on things and that is always interesting, especially when it helps you put some of the pieces together from the puzzle that is fishing.

The flipside is he's already written up the fishing trip after Perch on Tuesday evening. As you might expect from an honest man it was as he described. I'll just give you the story from the swim one peg to the left of him.

Picking up on Danny Everitt's theme of suspending baits for Perch I read up on a few articles that described the rig with a submerged float creating a washing line effect with the bait hanging down. The rig is pretty fiddly and if trying it I would advise setting it up beforehand to save time. The one I used Steve Burke referred to as the 'Dyson Paternoster' in his article Big Perch from Commercial Carp Fisheries. I put this out on one rod.

The second rod was partly for fun but also to occupy me whilst I fed red maggots in the area adjacent to the left hand rod. I say partly for fun as I reckoned I stood a slim chance of a big Perch on red maggots too. In order to cope with anything hooked I fished 5lb line straight through to a strong 14 under a pole float. As it happened I still caught plenty of silver fish on this set up with four nice Roach to about 12ozs being the best. I also had a few Rudd, skimmers and loads of small Perch.

Jeff wearing next seasons Flat Cap 'n' Wax Jacket match range from Garbolino.

Oooooh, moody;

Despite four rods in the water neither of us connected with anything which truly pulled back. Jeff had the biggest fish in a Bream but I refuse to believe it pulled back.

I had a couple of hits on the left hand rod which brought half a worm back in but this could easily have been the small Perch.


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