Saturday, 19 September 2009

A Couple Fish from Brandon!

Tuesday 14th September, Brandon Marsh. 16:30 - 21:30. Strong cool NE.

Brandon again. Still after a Carp, Tench or Bream.

Dispensing with the feeder rod tonight I reverted to the method I know best of all and have probably caught most Carp on; lift method float. My favourite bait for the lift method is a large lump of bread flake. The large fluffy nature of this bait ensures that when it is sucked up into the fishes mouth the telltale bottom shot is easily dislodged.

Tonight I wanted to use maggots as hookbait though as they offer good cross-species attraction. I've missed a few bites in the past fishing with a large bunches of them directly on the hook and so tonight used a maggot clip on a hair to keep the hook point clean, loading the clip with about ten red maggots.

This Carp rod was swung out and then I pretended it did not exist. Not hard at all as it happened.

Back on the float rod I fished over the silt at the bottom of two marginal shelves in a thin strip of water between two islands. I was well away from open water tonight and sheltered from the wind.

I fed five balls of feed-laced groundbait at the outset then fed handfuls of maggots over the top with the odd ball the rest of the night. Maggots were fed pretty regularly in small amounts as I reckoned they would soon be in the silt. The groundbait was left over from last week and had been frozen in the mean time to keep it fresh, this meant it had a healthy dose of dead red maggots which would have stayed on top of the silt.

The float occasionally twitched as small fish plucked at the maggots on the clip. At seven o'clock I had a bite straight after casting which resulted in a Perch about 10ozs. You'll have to trust me on this as I dropped the fish in when trying to take it's photo!!

A little later a long-winded and dithery bite lead to a bootlace Eel. It was pretty deeply hooked but I retrieved the hook OK and the fish swam off.

That was it for action. A little better than usual.


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