Sunday, 6 September 2009

College Pool With The Kids

Bank Holiday Monday 31st August, College Pool 14:30 - 18:00. Warm enough but blowy.

Both children had asked to go fishing this afternoon. Having shown them my entries relating to our previous trips I think there's a bit of competition growing between them to get a photo up.

Choosing a venue was pretty tricky. I needed somewhere where we would definitely catch but where there was also the chance of a bonus point in the competition (which is never far from my mind this year). I ditched Brookleigh in favour of the chance a half decent Rudd or Perch at College Pool Wasperton. A little further to drive but somewhere they could roam if bored with ease.

Two kids, two whips with me in the middle of them, an administrative nightmare! I soon lost count of the number of maggots / tangles / trees which needed sorting out. We sat in the corner by the Lilly bed pretty much out of the wind and caught Perch after Perch. Each of which was fed a 'bonus' maggot before being returned. After starting shallow I dropped the hooks towards the bottom which was a good 10ft down perhaps 4ft out but still Perch.

We moved swims up the other end of the lake and started on the bottom this time - we couldn't get a bite but boy was it deep.

After another move I decided the depth was too great to deal with and so started dribbling the maggots in slowly and sparingly in the hope of bringing fish up in the water. Once again we were straight into Perch. Eventually came a Rudd - nothing special - then another, then Abbey had a nice Roach about 12ozs. More Perch followed but these were interspersed with the odd Roach and Rudd.
We packed up as the light was just on the wain and the maggots were running thin. A thoroughly enjoyable trip.


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