Sunday, 6 September 2009

Ryton Predator Fishing Before Work Party

Sunday 6th September, Ryton Pool before work Party. 07:30 - 09:30. Mild and dry 15C, still breezy.

I'm not much of a predator angler and so feeling the target of a double figure Pike in our competition is achievable I thought I should make an early Autumn start. I would also dearly like to get this one 'out of the way'.

I awoke late and so didn't get to Ryton until 07:30. Passing fellow committee member Mark Brophy on the point on my way up the road bank he said he's had nothing so far.

I settled on the sand bank and put out two dead bait float rods, both with Smelts. An hour passed with nothing to show. I think one of the reasons I don't overly like predator fishing is because it's not like fishing for other species where you get line bites, twitches and touches. With Pike fishing it's all or nothing. Your float can sit motionless for most of the day and then suddenly disappear without warning, being pulled primevally off into the depths.

With just twenty minutes remaining before the rest of the guys would start assembling for the bank clearing work I removed the float on one of the rods with the intention of wobbling the bait through the water.

On the second cast I felt the bait being hit and could feel the fish on the rod tip. I struck and connected with a solid fish.

The fight was typically Pike-like with moments of smooth gliding interjected by ferocious sprinting pace. I won the day and netted the fish which I could see was into double figures.

I had a glove on hand for the unhooking which went smoothly. Mark came around after I'd called over to him and he kindly took photos.

This is my PB Pike, 14lbs 12ozs;

This fish earns me five points in the challenge I have on with my mate Pete this year. The scores are now;


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